What Parents Say About Us

"Helping Hands has helped my daughter open up and become more social. I feel she is well prepared to enter kindergarten. The class DOJO program is very easy to use. The school has handled the Covid virus excellent. All the staff have been so friendly and easy to communicate with."  - A. Burney

"From start to finish at Helping Hands was very positive. The registration process was easy, the teachers were wonderful and the curriculum has taught Camden so much! Because of Helping Hands, he is very excited for kindergarten."    - A. Melita-Nierenberg

"We started in January as a 3-yr. old coming off 2 years of the pandemic, having very little experience with other kids...and this was the first time doing anything away from Mom & Dad. It was a big adjustment and we really appreciate the effort made for the greatest success in this new environment. There was great communication and support offered to help us."  - V. Bain

" A positive experience for Nova and our family. Kindness, sharing, love and faith mixed in with education and fun. Beautiful experience filled with lasting impression."  - T. Wells

"I am so happy Bryce and I found your two-year-old program years ago and started our Helping Hands experience. As he is relatively shy and quiet, it was great seeing him happy, confident and successful in your environment! Thank You!."   B. Sternkopf

"We absolutely love Helping Hands! The teachers, staff and everyone within the school are friendly and approachable.Truly a warm and nuturing environment with lessons that are fun and engaging. I would definately recommend it for pre-school."  - D. Feroli

"HHCP is, in our opinion, the best pre-school in the area! . I highly recommend HHCP to anyone looking for the right preschool to send their children to." - T. Raquet